About the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the Royal

The Unit:
•         We have 44 cots: 16 Intensive Care Cots (level 3), 18 level 2 cots and 10 level 1 cots.
•         The Unit has expanded from 12 level 3 to 16 level 3 cots since 2007.
•         Up to 1000 babies are cared for each year of which 150 are extremely premature, and 350 require ventilator support
•         The average length of stay is 4 days and this is due to the number of babies close to full term that are admitted. The extremely premature babies however can stay for upwards of 100 days in the Nursery
The Newborn Care Centre (NCC) is the largest Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in New South Wales. We provide highly specialised care for sick newborn infants – both medical and surgical.  NCC performs the largest number of preterm infant surgeries in NSW and is known as the “preterm surgical centre”.