My waters broke early morning on Sat 7th feb 2015 and I was transferred from Wollongong Hospital to Sydney RHW by ambulance. I then played the waiting game in Sydney for a few days and didn't go into labour until 2am on Wednesday 11th Feb. Fortunately this meant they had enough time to give me both doses of Celestone for babies lungs, the Anti-D injection and also start me on antibiotics. After a difficult labour Archie Seamus Craig was born at 4.57pm on Wednesday 11th Feb weighing 1.1kg, 36.5cm long, 27weeks and 6 days.

He has done so well so far; his brain scans have all been clear and aside from a very small PDA his ultrasounds have also been good. He came off his breathing tube after day 1 and his CPap after day 2 and is now on Hi Flow.

He has started to tolerate his milk feeds well and has increased from 1ml every 4hours to 4ml every 2 hours over the past few days. Yesterday he had his tummy line changed to a pick line. We are praying he keeps making these small but extremely amazing positive steps forward and continues to grow stronger as the days go by.

His big brother Finlay is very excited for when Archie no longer needs to live in his super duper spaceship and he can come home to play!!!

I feel very honoured to know our little man is benefiting from the hard work of Running for Premature Babies.  It's a cause that is now very close to us and being in this situation and seeing other babies here who are really not doing well drives me to want to help!