Ariarna's story: Sharing a very special bond with all premature babies


When I signed up to this group in 2012 I initially knew it as a running group but once I found out that it was a running group for premature babies the cause and the motivation to embark on my first half marathon became deeply person and extremely close to my heart.

I was born at 24 weeks in 1984, one of a twin who was stillborn. I was given a 1% chance to survive the first hour but quickly given the last rights as no one believed that I would survive.

I was in the NICU at King Edward Memorial Hospital for Women in Perth for 4 months and gradually progressed through each section of the neonatal department. I'm currently 28 yrs old, living in Perth and working in Media, and completely healthy. Hearing stories about other premature babies no matter their fate always brings a tear to my eye because as a survivor you can never comprehend how hard you had to fight, what your body went through and the emotional roller coaster that your family and friends had to endure when you were born. I will be forever grateful and indebted to the hospital staff not only because of their care but their relentless pursuit of investigating techniques and behaviours to give me such a good quality of life.

When I return to Sydney in May to run the Half Marathon with Sophie’s team ‘Running for Premature Babies’ for my second consecutive year I'll be doing it for all premature babies because we all uniquely share a special bond that full term children and their families will never be able to fully comprehend.

If you would like to follow my training journey for the Half Marathon Running for Premature Babies 2013 you can find me on Twitter @Ariarna 

Ariarna Bartulovic