The inspiration behind Running for Premature Babies is of course our three little triplet sons Henry, Jasper and Evan.  And that’s why I would like to share a little of our baby Jasper with you.  

We only had one hour with Henry and ten days with Evan, so I feel very blessed to have been given 58 days to get to know our precious Jasper.  58 days that seven and a half years later I remember as if they had been yesterday.  And while I do remember the horror and pain of that time, I choose to reflect more on the great joy that Jasper brought us during his life.

We have so many happy memories.  There was the day he opened his right eye for the first time and we could finally connect with him on a whole new level; the days we were allowed to take him out of his crib for a cuddle; the day he tipped the scales at 1kg and the nurses made a special 'I'm a big boy' badge for his humidicrib; the day he tried to breastfeed and I was so amazed that he knew what to do.  He took two strong sucks and fell asleep!  The simple things were so incredibly wonderful - changing his nappy and washing his face twice a day, stroking his head to calm him when he was upset, singing to him, talking to him, holding him inside his humidicrib while his sheets were being changed, dressing him in tiny gowns made by his granny, seeing him turn his head towards us when he heard our voices.  These moments are etched on my heart forever.

If you’d like to, please watch this short video which shows some of these happy times we spent with our beautiful little Jasper.  And next time you’re struggling on your training run, remember Jasper and his brothers Henry and Evan.  I hope they give you all the inspiration you need to keep going!