Okay Team 2014 - it’s time to paint Sydney and its surrounding suburbs purple!  Why? Because this year we're hoping to gather a record sized team of 500 runners! And I really need your help and support to do this.  

All you have to do is tell absolutely everyone you know and all people you meet to check out our website and consider joining our team. From you’re your closest friends and family, to random strangers you meet on the street, including people in the supermarket queue, at the bus stop, in the coffee queue, at the shoe shop or in the supermarket queue. 

Running for Premature babies_poster2014.jpg

Trust me, it works. I've recruited many wonderful people over the years this way, some who’ve become die-hard RFPB runners and supporters.  Back in 2007 I accosted Anthony in The Runner's Shop when we happened to both be in there buying shoes. Little did I know that Ant would not only join Team 2007, but would also run for eight consecutive years with us and become an integral part of the RFPB Training Team.  Ant has led our Wednesday night beginners group for four years now, and I know many runners on the team who say they would never have been able to run a half marathon without Ant's amazing support!

So, the more purple posters and flyers we can put up around Sydney’s streets and suburbs the better. Please print some copies of our team flyer and poster, and put them up around your office, gym or local cafe (and don’t forget to keep a few in your bag for when you've accosted a stranger in a queue!)