When my little boys died I was incredibly lucky to be surrounded by supportive friends and family who allowed me to grieve and mourn my babies.  I wear memorial jewellery bearing their names and pictures; photos of Henry, Jasper & Evan are in every room of our house, their toys are played with by our other children, Owen and Harvey; our families and friends send cards and messages of support on their birthdays and anniversaries.

However, not everyone is as lucky as me. Today I received an email from a new runner on our team who is running in memory of her daughter Maria who lived for 12 days ten years ago. I wept to learn that Eilen and her mum had to bear their pain alone, without the support of their friends and community to help them through. I was incredibly moved to read that it is RFPB that has given Eilen the opportunity to tell the world about her precious daughter. 

She says ‘So many people judged me so I was so scared to share my story therefore I was in silence for all these years.  I’m very grateful I found this group to be able to feel free again and to demonstrate loudly how much I love my little daughter.’

Eilen’s story makes RFPB even more meaningful and worthwhile to me.  Of course the main reason we exist is to raise funds for The Royal’s NICU, but just as important is to give people like Eilen the chance to celebrate their children and do something positive in their memory.