Chiara Grace Sedgers: Born and died 9 November 2009, 22 weeks, 430g

Our precious Chiara was born on 9 November 2009. All 430 grams of her and perfectly formed in each and every way. Sadly, she was born prematurely at 22 weeks gestation (18 weeks early) and at that stage of a pregnancy it’s too early for foetal survival or medical intervention and so our baby girl passed peacefully after 8 precious minutes in our arms.
The staff at the Royal were gracious beyond words. Despite the ever increasing likelihood that Chiara would not survive, the team showed great kindness and composure with us as we progressed through a very early and unexpected labour and birth.
We wanted Chiara’s short life to have purpose and set about to honour her time with us in a meaningful way. My sister introduced me to RFPB when she donated money to the team in memory of Chiara. I thought it was such a beautiful tribute and I knew immediately that I wanted to get involved. When I said that I would run the half marathon in Chiara’s honour, my good friend Don immediately took up the challenge. We have run each half marathon with the RFPB team since 2011 and together our efforts have raised over $40,000 for this marvellous charity.

Crossing that finishing line I’m greeted by great supporters in friends and family and of course the wonderful RFPB contingent. I’m constantly overwhelmed by everyone’s generosity, the impact that our fundraising will make for people’s lives, and the fact that Chiara’s legacy shines brighter each and every year. 

What a wonderful legacy it is that Chiara’s memory lives through the efforts of the Running For Premature Babies team. It’s truly humbling to know that my little girl has helped to inspire such generosity and good will.  Such a beautiful angel will never be forgotten.