Elizabeth's story

Elizabeth’s Story - Google Chrome_2013-10-27_18-28-14.png

When Elizabeth was born on 4 January 2013, we were oblivious to the miracles that happen in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at the Royal Hospital for Women. But minutes after she was born it was discovered she had meconium in her lungs and she was transferred to the NICU and intubated.

As a term baby, Elizabeth was 4.4kg - almost five times the size of some of the premature babies in NICU! - but she was critically ill nonetheless. I still find it difficult to look at the photos of her when she was covered in tubes and wires, but the technology at the NICU is first class and it gave us confidence that Elizabeth was receiving the best possible care.  

Elizabeth spent almost one month in the NICU, and every day felt like a lifetime. We are incredibly grateful for the kind doctors and nurses who cared for Elizabeth, and the technology that supported her during this time. I am so proud to be 'Running for premature babies', knowing that the funds raised not only benefit the beautiful premature babies but also, the "big" babies like Elizabeth.     

Leah Thomson