Griff's story

Our little boy Griff was born at RHW on 14/1/11 at 7.41 pm weighing 3.2 kg. He was a full term baby and seemed perfect and healthy.


The following morning it was noticed his breathing was fast and he was admitted to newborn care for antibiotics and monitoring. By that night he was having breathing difficulties and was moved into a humidicrib to help him breathe.

He was diagnosed with pneumonia and was in newborn care’s highest level of intensive care for a week before we were able to take him home.

The humidicrib and monitors that Griff needed and used were bought with money from the Henry, Jasper and Evan trust fund. James has run the half marathon in honour of Henry, Jasper and Evan every year since the beginning but never dreamed that the life saving equipment bought by the teams fundraising would be used on our own child. 

This years run will be an extra special one for us. Seeing the newborn care unit for ourselves really showed us the importance of this facility. The staff in the department do an unbelievable job and we are incredibly grateful for the care Griff received.  Hopefully with the money raised from this year more vital equipment will be able to be bought and more parents will be as lucky as us.

Amanda & James