Running for Premature Babies Hall of Fame

There are eight very special runners who have been part of every Running for Premature Babies team since 2007: here are some of their stories.


Jason Kara

Why Jason joined RFPB

Couldn’t say no to such a great cause

RFPB highlight

Definitely Jason’s first run and RFPB’s amazing volunteers who motivate the team to do it’s best every year.

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brendan connolly.jpg

Brendan Connolly

Why Brendan joined RFPB

Seeing a simple flyer in Coogee was all that it took.

RFPB highlight

Meeting new people, having fun and seeing last year’s first timers catch the running bug and turn up again the next year!

Brendan is RFPB men's champion for 2013 and a member of the team's training team.

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James Sullivan

Why James joined RFPB

Seeing a flyer in a local gym was the inspiration James needed to start running and help a great cause at the same time.

RFPB highlight

Seeing firsthand where money raised by the team is spent – James’ first son, Griff, was saved by one of the humidicribs bought by the team – 4 years after James first ran with the team.

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Jo Davison

Why Jo joined RFPB

Jo works for the Royal and felt compelled to run for the cause after seeing Sophie's flyers everywhere, and having run the race more than 12 times.

RFPB highlight 

Running along Hickson Rd and to Pyrmont where the course doubles back on itself. To cheer and be cheered by other RFPB team members is priceless. Everyone gets to feel like a champion!!

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Bec Waugh

Why Bec joined RFPB

As a passionate runner and Royal staff member, the decision to join was very simple for Bec.

RFPB highlight 

Personally I have found it inspiring watching individuals find solace, peace, motivation and friendships training and completing the Half Marathon for the RFPB foundation.

Bec was RFPB team champion from the years 2008-2012.

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mark cooper.jpg

Mark Cooper

Why Mark joined RFPB

To give something back to the Royal and, as a keen runner, meet the challenge of running more than 15kms. He’s since completed two full marathons!

RFPB highlight

Being part of something that touches so many people and knowing that every cent raised really counts!

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