Jo Davison

How did you first come to hear about the team and why did you join?


I joined the team after seeing flyers around the Royal Hospital for Women…where I work as an antenatal educator. Great cause….and a race I had already run 12 or more times previously. The SMH Half is one of the best half marathon courses anywhere….and I felt compelled to run it and raise funds at the same time for such a worthy cause. The memory of three special boys deserved to be preserved in such a valuable way. I thought…and still do….think that Sophie is a truly amazing woman.

What is your PB and when did you run it? 

My PB for the SMH Half Marathon is 100min28sec, set in 2012. Under 100min is always my goal for Sydney….maybe next year!!

What is a highlight of your time with RFPB?

Without doubt….the highlight is running along Hickson Rd and to Pyrmont where the course doubles back on itself. To cheer and be cheered by other RFPB team members is priceless. Everyone gets to feel like a champion!!

About Jo 

Jo has recruited more runners to our team than any other runner, including 54 of her running group, The Coogee Cougars, in 2013.  Jo's Cougars raised an incredible $15,000 in 2013.