Mark Cooper

How did you first come to hear about the team and why did you join?

Coffee in Coogee, saw your flyer, always been a keen runner, however never done more that 15km, just had my first child at the RWH and thought it was time to challenge myself at the same time give something back.  This was the springboard and motivation to complete 2 ull marathons which I thought i'd simply never achieve!

What is your PB and in what year did you run it?

1hour 41 mins 55 secs... 2010

What is a highlight of your time with RFPB?

Too many highlights, each year just gets bigger and better!! But of course it's the people that make it

Simply being part of something that touches so may people, directly and indirectly, knowing that every cents is potentially helping someone's future.  

Mandy and I have been blessed to have 3 healthy children and just need reminding of that fact.