After several years of trying for number 2 I had all but given up on ever having a second child.  

In November 2010 I was diagnosed with cervical cancer which cancelled our plans for IVF in 2011.  I had that successfully treated and resigned myself to the fact that I was to only ever have one child.  My best friend had a third child in the meantime and I was genuinely happy for her.

 A couple of weeks after celebrating the birth of her daughter I discovered I was pregnant!!!  At my 19 week scan I was diagnosed with placenta previa which went on to become grade 4 placenta previa.  It was at this stage I knew I would not be able to deliver naturally.  At 23 weeks the bleeds started, first just small amounts, then week by week they became unstoppable.  By 26 weeks I was bedridden in hospital, awaiting the inevitable.  At 27 weeks I was given steroid injections and was told I wouldn't go home again until after baby was born.  

We managed to hold on until 30+4 weeks when the bleeds were putting us both a too much risk (I had to have a transfusion after my blood pressure dropped to 63/36).

Anyway, she was born so strong and healthy and was only on CPAP for one day, in the humidicrib for three days and had 6 weeks in hospital before coming home at 37 weeks' gestation.

On an interesting note, she was born at 11.25am on 30/11/11, she was in crib #11, came home on 11th January and her hospital MRN started with the number 11!

She had a relatively good NICU experience, apart from MRSA, double inguinal hernias, and needing tube feeding until a few days before coming home.

Three and a half years on and she is a strong, happy, stubborn, cheeky but oh so lovable little girl!  

Renee Summerside