Natalie's story

I will be running in memory of my sister, Natalie Just who was born on 11 October 1968. She was 28 weeks premature.

I was born the following year at 35 weeks premature.

I never got to know my sister and only found out about her when I was about 7 years old, and saw my birth certificate which mentioned I had an older sister. 

In training for this race I have been able to talk to my Mum about Natalie for the first time and what happened to both my parents at the time. 

Mum doesn’t know when she died.

She got to see her after she was born and they told her she was still alive then. But they never told her when she died and Dad never got to see her.  

Times sure have changed in how premature babies are cared for and how their parents are cared for if their baby dies.

Sarah Crowther