Runners' Stories

Every year, we attract an amazing group of runners who have a very special and inspiring story to tell, relating to prematurity and peri-natal or post-natal loss, or simply about a personal journey or challenge they have worked hard to overcome.

It’s stories like these, and the runners who own them, that make our team so very special. Get ready to be inspired … 

Susan's story (team 2013): remembering special twins Erik and Bjorn

Susan's inspiration: Immediately relating to Sophie's story in R4YL magazine in 2013, elite runner Susan joined to honour the memory of her special first-born twins, Erik and Bjorn, who sadly died in 2003 at 23 weeks' gestation.

Susan's message: The feeling of being part of such a special team, and being able to wave, smile and encourage other members and receive encouragement back, made Susan's return to the SMH Half Marathon that much better.

Susan is the current RFPB record-holder, completing the 2013 race in 1 hour 22 minutes and finishing as the 11th fastest in a field of 5000 women.

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Amber's story (team 2012): Running saved my life


Amber’s inspiration: To use running as a way to cure life-long depression, to run for a great cause and to cross the finish line in her first half marathon with a smile.

Amber’s message: The RFPB training program changed Amber’s life: it’s cured her depression, provided amazing support and created a love of running and a desire to promote the benefits of exercise in improving mental health.

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Lucy's story (teams 2012 and 2013): How I ‘won’ my 1st Half Marathon

Lucy’s inspiration: To “give something back” to the Royal after receiving fantastic care throughout her pregnancy and birth and, as a new runner, to finish her first half marathon.

Lucy’s message: The power of team support before and during the race that helped get Lucy over the line.  

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Ariarna's Story (teams 2012 and 2013): Sharing a very special bond with all premature babies

Ariarna's inspiration:  Believe it or not, Ariarna is inspired by her own incredible story of survival, the way she overcame insurmountable odds more than 20 years ago, being born at just 24 weeks, and lived to tell the tale.

Ariarna's message:  Ariarna runs for all the premature babies with whom she shares a special bond. 

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