Our training program is supportive of runners of all abilities from the absolute beginner to the gun runner.
Our full training program, including social events calendar, can be seen here

Wednesday Intervals 

Meeting Time: 7pm (or 6pm in The Domain)

a) Queens Park, near gym equipment opposite Market St                                               The intermediate trainer is Bec (0405790231) and Brendan (0424287689) and the beginners trainer is Victor
b) North Sydney, Diagonally opposite the corner of Miller Street and Carlow Street under the North Sydney Oval sign. Your trainer is Eamonn (0405166037)
c) Balgowlah (North Balgowlah shops on Woodbine St, outside Black                            Nectar cafe. Your warm up run will be to Seaforth oval where you                                will do your intervals.) Your trainer is Jane (0422475615)

d) The Domain (6pm), The City, close to the State Library of NSW.                                Meet at the top of the pathway, close to the corner of Hospital Road                           and Shakespeare Place (Please note that at this location there are no bag minding facilities so come ready to run) Your trainer is Anthony (0401134173)

e) ES Marks Running Track, corner of Boronia St & Anzac Parade, Kensington (Cost $6)
Your trainer is Yury (0416260254) Please note there is a $6 entrance fee

Thursday Rejoov training 

Meeting Time:  6am
Meeting Spot: Cafe/restaurant near Paddington Gates
Distance: Intervals
Your trainers are Greta and Chris Rejoov Runners
bookings essential. Call 0419 021 694

thursday pilates

Meeting Time:  7pm
Meeting Spot:  Govett St Gates, Centennial Park (on Darley Road)
Your trainer is Mandi (0418418222)
bookings essential. Text 0418418222


Meeting Time:  6am
Meeting Spot:  Randwick Gates, Centennial Park (on Darley Road)
Your trainer is Michelle (0403877011)


Meeting Time:  7.30am
Meeting Spot: Lachlan Reserve, off Dickens Drive. Meet under the trees/ grassy area, not far from the pond and directly opposite and across the road from the first toilet block on Dickens Drive. There is a white wooden bridge near the pond.
Your trainer is Michelle (0403877011)