Victoria's story

Victoria Mary Vasta was born on 30 July 2004 and taken into God's care on 31 July 2004. After a scan at 30 weeks it revealed that Victoria was too small.

After a range of tests for chromosomal disorders, she was born at 31 weeks via caesarean section. After a good arrival and no apparent physical problems other than her size, we had hope. But after her first night it became apparent that the acid levels in her blood were too high.

After more tests, we were told that Victoria had a genetic disorder that affected the mitochondria, which are in every cell in the body.

Essentially, she was missing an enzyme that is needed to break down lactic acid and convert it to energy. This was a condition that was incompatible with life.

With incredible sadness we said goodbye to Victoria just 31 hours after welcoming her into the world. We talk about her every day with her big sister Josephine (now 12).

We miss her immeasurably and we will never forget her. She watches over us from Heaven.