Rozanne Green

Annapurna Marathon - Nepal

July 2019 - Month 6 training - 60th birthday

Month 6 has been an amazing month celebrating living, loving, laughing and reaching 60. I am still paddling, running, walking but need to do some swimming for better breathing, now that stitches are well healed. Even though this year I am in the 60's category for PaddleNSW 2019 Harbour Series, it was combined with the 50's and I was still able to win the the Long Course Surf Ski 50+ Woman.

Month started with celebration in Fiji for 5 days with 5 ladies celebrating our 60th birthdays. It was hard to train on an island that took 20 minutes to walk around, but we had a great time. I have increased the running to do 20km along our beautiful coastline from Bondi to Maroubra return with some runs being easier than others. Thanks to Spot from for keeping me honest by tracking me on training peaks. I also need to thank Aaron at for helping me  strengthen weaknesses in my body.

Including Mark in my outings we did another beautiful hike with Helen from around La Perouse in the Kamay National Park. Helen is taking us to Annapurna. I am getting like Imelda Marcos, I got some lovely trail running shoes, the ones I had were heavier hiking shoes. 3 months to go, like a pregnancy, 9 months preparation.

Bring on Annapurna. Namaste. 

June 2019 - Month 5 Training

Month 5 has been a month showing me that I will have to overcome setbacks by turning them into comebacks. I am still swimming, paddling, running, walking come rain, hail or sunshine.


What do you do when you don't race on weekend after UTA11? You support swimmers doing The South Head Roughwater Swim 10km swim from North Bondi to Watson’s Bay on kayak. While paddling we could appreciate the sandstone cliffs and lighthouses.

We had a great night at "Momo" restaurant eating momos catching up with the Running for Premature Babies team that we are heading to Nepal with. We are a great team with Craig Challen, Australian of the year joining us. Momo's is a type of dumpling popular in Nepal, very yummy.

I did another beautiful hike with Helen from Primal Adventures around Sydney Harbour National Park (Mosman) some on track some off thru bush. At the end of our hike we spent half an hour scrambling through the undergrowth. Fun DAY!!! Next a fun adventure, on just about full moon NIGHT, trail running at Manly Dam. We felt safe in our fearless, calm, leader's capable hands when near the end of Manly Dam Trail we got to a locked gate. Of course Helen found a way to get around it. I'm able to get Mark involved in doing some walks with me. We had a brilliant morning in the Central Coast doing 5 Lands Walk, highly recommended. So well organised. Connecting people to people and people to place...

Then the next day at the end of my daylight sunny flat run in Terrigal I had an accident with a metal bench while watching kids playing, I ran straight into tge bench. I got 6 stitches on left knee and 1 on right shin and antibiotics to prevent infection. I am very lucky, it could have been worse. I haven't been able to run but I have done some flat walking. I will overcome this setback by turning it into a comeback. Stitches out today just in time to celebrate in Fiji with 5 ladies celebrating our 60th birthdays.

Bring on Annapurna. Namaste. 


May 2019 - Month 4 Training

Month 4 has been quite a month. I have still kept up the occasional swim or paddle which has been a good recovery to the legs. I did my annual swim in Byron. After my regular swim of the Bay with lovely Byron locals and visitors Mark and I did Minyon Falls walk through beautiful rainforests from the top of the waterfall to the base and back. Tough clamber over rocks but worth it for amazing view. This mumma is now a runna again. Again with Mark we ran the Mothers Day Classic 8km in Sydney. PB's since starting to run again after 12 years. I reached the pinnacle this month by doing the UTA11 an Ultra Trail 11km in Blue Mountains. Thrilled to have finished my first UTA11 in under 3 hours 2:59:36. Great fellow athletes, volunteers and organisers. Only 4413 stairs to climb (and descend), I am renaming Furber Steps which was nearly 1000 steps for the last 1km. Bring on Annapurna. Namaste. 

April 2019 - Month 3 Training

Month 3 has been getting easier to train. I have had the good fortune of reconnecting with a friend with whom I ran my first marathon with more than 20 years ago. We have been running together once a week. Running with friends and groups makes a run so much easier. March had 2 record days for Running For Premmie Babies, one of the wettest and one of the coldest. The wet one started with me running around the puddles but by the end running thru the puddles like a kid enjoying the splashing around. I have now increased running to 11.2km. I also got to hear Legend Lorraine Moller, winner of Boston Marathon in the 80's and NZ Olympian Medalist talk. I learnt a few things, one thing you never run too slow, no miles are junk - she encourages some slow long runs. I also saw an amazing inspiring movie "My Hero My Brother" about Down Syndrome young adults doing a hike in the Indian Himalayas with their siblings. So honest, moving, inspiring and beautiful scenery too. Today Mark and I did another beautiful 3 hour trek from Coogee through some beautiful parts of the Eastern Beaches with Primal Adventures. My flights are booked to Nepal so no looking back. "Running for Premature Babies" members going to Nepal. Thanks to the lovely people that have donated or are going to donate or who are there to support me on my journey. Namaste. 

March 2019 - Month 2 Training

Month 2 has been a bit difficult to train with the summer heat of Sydney, many days above 30 degrees. Despite this I did manage to increase the running on my 7km walk/runs. I had the help of my daughter doing some runs with me during her visit here.

Today my partner Mark and I did a beautiful 3 hour trek at Garigal National Park, Middle Harbour with Primal Adventures who will be taking us to Annapurna. It was great to be back in the bush and meet some more "Running for Premature Babies" members going to Nepal.  

Still a long way to go. Wisely, and slow. They stumble that run fast. - William Shakespeare


January 2019 - Month 1 training

Why Annapurna Marathon? I don't run!!! I saw a post on Running for Premature Babies Facebook to do Annapurna Marathon with them. I swim with Sophie and she has inspired me to help her cause and start running again. I am an ex ultra-marathon runner but gave up running 12 years ago after detaching my hamstring thru a water-skiing accident. It was too painful to run again so I continued with my swimming, trekking and kayaking. I fell in love with Nepal after doing Everest Base Camp trek as part of a team guiding 2 blind friends, so I am very excited to return to Nepal. Just a couple of days after going to the information night on December 18 2018 about the marathon, I put on my running shoes that have only been used for walking and ran ONE whole kilometre. Slowly I have increased the distance and I am now up to 7km walking/running very slowly. My deposit has been paid, my fundraising page has been set up so no looking back now. Namaste.


Help us give premature babies a better chance of survival

Namaste. Yes, I'm doing another crazy endurance event for my 60th birthday. I'm taking on the Annapurna Marathon in Nepal with Running for Premature Babies. I'm taking the opportunity to raise money for a special cause. I met Sophie Smith thru swimming and learnt about her story and what she went through losing her premature triplets...and then her husband Ash to cancer.  Her strength and determination are beyond inspiring and her journey to raise funds for much needed premmie incubation units, through running. Sophie is NSW Australian 2019 Local Hero. She has inspired me to help her cause, and to start running again 12 years after giving it up after detaching my hamstring.


By supporting me as I run/trek the Annapurna Marathon 42km at 3750m altitude on 26 October 2019, you'll be raising funds to buy life-saving equipment to give critically ill and premature babies a better chance of survival. No amount is too little, so thank you in advance:-)



Thank you to my Sponsors



Way to go!! You are an inspiration!! ❀️


Rachel Smith

Go Roz! Have an amazing adventure. Rxx


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Happy birthday and Well done on your goal Rozanne!! So inspiring. Annapurna is beautiful and you will be rewarded for your efforts. Enjoy every minute!


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Go easy RozπŸ˜€


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You’re amazing Rozanne!! You never cease to inspire. I admire your energy, passion and determination. You set the bar high for yourself and others. . Good luck with this new challenge. I hope you go well.


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Rozanne Green

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