Alfie Dorran

RFPB Kids' Fun Run 2019

Team Alfie

Super Alfie will be running as fast as his wee legs will allow him to next Sunday in the Running for Premature Babies kids fun run for many reasons....
They have a cake stall, he loves any excuse to run around like a mad man, he was once a tiny little premature baby himself who spend his first couple of months living in an incubator in the RHW NICU and again and most importantly to him, there will be CAKE!!
So if anyone would like to make a gold coin donation to Alfie's page to help him give back to the NICU that helped him, he would really appreciate it and will try not to spend it on cake!!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Ron Dorran

Go Alfie


K Williamson



Joanne Galek

Go Alfie! You superstar. Archer and Ralphie will be thinking of you speeding out there on Sunday. Love The Galeks x


Granny Pig ??

Run run as fast as you can You can’t catch me Im fastest wee man. Go Super Alfie xxxxx


Vanessa Pegg


Toni Toni Ice Cream ?

Go Alfie !!!! Run as fast as you can ... towards the cake 🧁 that’s where I’ll be waiting for you 😋 xxx


Charlie Dorran

See you at the finish line for some cake big bro!!