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Premmie Marathon Challenge 2021 - Ultramarathon

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100km to Raise Funds for Treatment of Preterm Babies

This November I’ll be running 100km over the course of the month to raise funds for lifesaving neonatal equipment. Approximately 57 babies are born prematurely in Australia every day, and sadly 2 of those babies die within 28 days of birth. The more medical equipment available to help these babies, the more preventable deaths can be avoided. Help out if you can by donating to this incredibly important cause. This November, please remember that infant loss effects many more people than you know. 

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So glad that I achieved this goal of running 100km over the month of November and stoked that Running for Prem Babies has raised over 300k! I’m really not a runner, so this was huge for me. Thank you so much to everyone who has donated and supported me xx

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Emma Beacham - you are an amazing human being - love Mum and Dad xxx


Sharon & Dave Sharp

Proud of you Emma. Go get ‘em!


Simon Gray


Emma Beacham


Karen Gray

Go well, Emma!



Well done Emma Congratulations on completing the 100kms this month!



Congrats ‘Em, absolutely killed it! Sorry it’s taken me so long! Xx


Simon Number1