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Set yourself up for success and track your challenge using our Premmie Marathon Challenge App


Track your Progress 

Use the START ACTIVITY button on the home page to track your distance throughout November. 

Engage with your team

Challenge yourself and rally your teammates. See who can raise the most to support premature babies with life saving neonatal equipment. 

Message your team mates words of encouragement. 

Share Daily Updates 

Use the feed to share your updates once you've completed your activity. 


Whether you're doing 21km or 300km (or anywhere in between) our app is a fun way to see how you're tracking on your Premmie Marathon Challenge.  

It's quick and easy to use the app, and if you sync your fitness tracker your activity will also be displayed.

1. When   you're ready to start your activity, press the purple START ACTIVITY button on the home screen, and get moving. When you're done, press STOP to save your activity, or
2. Manually add activity by going to the menu (in the bottom right hand corner), select add activity, then add the date, distance and duration.



  • Live leaderboards show you who's raised the most on your team and across the Premmie Marathon Challenge 
  • Track your activity while you're doing it, using the 'Start Activity' button on the home screen 
  • Connect with your team mates through team chat and cheer each other on as you reach your goal 

App available soon.