Our Sponsors

Pendal Group have partnered with Running for Premature Babies since we became a registered charity in 2017, to honour the memory of their long term employee, and Sophie's husband, Ash.  

Pendal are an independent, global investment management business focused on delivering superior investment returns for clients through active management.

Thank you Pendal for helping thousands of babies have a better chance of survival.

Running Bare have been empowering women since 1983, giving fitness minded, feminine, fashion forward females the self-belief and confidence to look good and feel great. Born and bred on Bondi beach 35 years ago, Running Bare is Australia’s longest running women’s activewear brand, focused on elevated designs, premium finishing and luxurious fabrications.

The owner of Runng Bare, Yolanda Powell was in the Neonatal Instensive Care Unit at the Royal Hospital for Women with her prematurely born daughter, Zara Bella, at the same time as Sophie and her triplets. Thankfully after a few weeks in hospital Zara Bella went home and has grown up happy and healthy. Yolanda and Running Bare have supported Running for Premature Babies since we began in 2017, generously providing our high quality, and now famous, purple running singlets year on year. 

Thank you Running Bare!