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Add a message to our virtual wall of hope

Send us your message below and let us know who you will be taking on the Premmie Marathon Challenge for. We'll pin your message onto our wall of hope. 

Mahlia was born at 24 weeks weighing only 420gs. She spent 310 days in hospital with multiple surgeries and complications, making it home just before her first birthday. Since then Mahlia has been back in hospital on multiple occasions, and continues to face significant health challenges.

We have had 3 premature babies. Eloise 36 weeks (now 6 yrs old), Lilly 32 weeks (now 3 yrs old) and Samuel 27 weeks (now 1 year old).  Each of their journeys has been unique.

Lynda Day, the founder of Earlybirdsbaby, welcomed her son Jackson into the world ten weeks early, weighing 1.2kg in 2002. 

Thank you Jackson, Lynda and the team at Earlybirds for your support!

Matthew and Richard’s entrance into the world was quite the drama. During state border closures, when Samantha was 27 weeks pregnant, she was advised by her obstetrician to travel from her home in Alice Springs to Queensland. 

Samantha’s husband Tim had planned to join them at 33 weeks. However “the boys had other plans”, Samantha said, and arrived at 30 weeks via caesarean, with Tim watching 3000km away from Alice Springs via Facetime.

Willow Faith was born last year at the Women’s Hospital Melbourne at 24 weeks weighing a tiny 658grams. Willow spent 113 days at The Royal Women’s Hospital in Melbourne before finally coming home. Willow is now 16 months old, or 12 months ‘adjusted’, and her mum Dervla says, “We couldn’t be more proud of her.”

Mick O’Driscoll has been running with us since his baby Rua was born on Boxing Day 2016 at 30 weeks gestation, and spent his first 9 weeks using lifesaving equipment donated by Running for Premature Babies at the Royal Hospital for Women.

Mick says, “We will always remember our stay and by fundraising we try to give others the same opportunities we had in the NICU, to grow and grow and grow.”

“It takes so much courage and emotional strength to get through having your new baby/babies in intensive care. I’m so grateful to the staff who cared for our girls and helped teach me the nuances of being a new mum to premmie twins.”

Kerri Hughues became a first-time grandmother on 28 September when her precious little grandson Ryder was born at the Flinders Medical Centre in Adelaide at 25 weeks, weighing just 720 grams.  “I will walk 100km in this challenge BUT I would walk to the end of the earth for this little man. Be strong Nanny’s boy - I love you!”