Sophie meeting her son Jasper for the first time

Sophie meeting her son Jasper for the first time


In 2016, Running for Premature Babies we are hoping to raise $200,000 which will be split between equipment and research at The Royal's NICU.

We will be raising $108,000 to purchase a special portable X-ray machine. Associate Professor Dr Kei Lui, neonatologist at The Royal tells us how this machine will transform their care of their tiny patients:

'This is a highly prioritised piece of equipment for the Newborn Care Centre. This equipment is an extension to the current x-ray machine which will enable the doctors to see x-rays at the bedside instantaneously at the time the x-ray is taken instead of having to wait until the radiographer returns to the department to load the films onto a computer, which can take 10-15 minutes or longer. If there is any major problem on the x-ray NCC doctors can act much sooner with this technology. Currently, during the waiting time for x-rays it's difficult to monitor the babies. They can get quite distressed as they are often restricted under hot sterile drapes while we wait for the images to come up.'

The remaining $92,000 will be spent on important research projects including one which looks at ways to measure brain blood flow in babies using ultrasound, and a new trial, which is looking at using panadol in babies to try and prevent complications related to a foetal blood vessel called the ductus arteriosus. 


The most important reason for running

For whatever reason you’re joining our team, and there may be a few, what matters most is that you’re genuinely committed to our very special cause – to raise as much money as you can to help Sophie reach her fundraising target. It’s a common thread that binds us together and generates that amazing sense of camaraderie.

Why? Because this money gives the more than 1000 extremely premature and critically ill babies who are born at the Royal Hospital for Women each year a much better chance at survival. 


Fabulous fast facts about our team’s fundraising

Did you know, that in the seven years since Sophie and her team have been raising funds:

Running for Premature Babies has raised an incredible total of $1.5 million – that’s an astounding amount to be raised by such a very small charity. 

With this money, 26 pieces of life saving equipment have been donated by Sophie’s team to the Royal Hospital for Women’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit:

  • 10 humidicribs
  • 10 neonatal monitors
  • 4 high frequency ventilators
  • 1 giraffe incubator
  • 1 cardio ultrasound machine.

As a direct result, the Royal’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit has:

  • Significantly increased its ability to save lives and improve the standard of care and capacity to care for all babies, especially those born prematurely
  • A ‘best in state’ equipment level, which keeps NSW’s largest NICU at the cutting edge
  • Achieved greatly improved outcomes for these tiny and critically ill babies, with improved temperature control, ventilation and monitoring.

We’re so very grateful and humbled by the amount of money we’ve raised so far. But there’s so much more to do.

How you can help us reach our goal in 2016

As an official fundraising team, when you sign up on the Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon website, you’ll need to create your own fundraising page, using some easy to use instructions and templates, then set your minimum fundraising targets, and off you go!