Fundraising Ideas & Tips

We LOVE fundraising and we LOVE supporting your fundraising. You give premature babies a better chance of survival. 

Your fundraising helps us to:

  • fund research projects dedicated to advancing the care of premature babies
  • supply hospitals with lifesaving neonatal equipment
  • raise awareness of premature birth and celebrate all premature babies, both living and lost, and
  • inspire people to achieve their fitness goals while supporting premature babies.

Here are some ideas and tips to help you smash your fundraising goals!!  Remember, everyone is different as has different strengths, so work to your strengths and ignore ideas that don't appeal to you.

Don't forget you can donate your birthday gift or create a D.I.Y event

Have an amazing fundraising idea? Please tell us below so we can share it with the world!

Host a workplace morning tea

Everyone enjoys getting together for a chat and some cake? Even the boss! Ask everyone for a gold cold donation and your fundraising will be adding up in no time.

Create a D.I.Y event 

- Hold a poker night
- Set up a lemonade stand
- Compete in a sporting event
- Make meals for your friends

Generally, the more unusual, the better. Set up a D.I.Y event today.

Play a guessing game 

Fill up a jar with lollies and ask everyone you know to take a guess. Ask for a $5 donation for every guess made. 

(P.S. make sure to count the lollies first!) 

Matched giving program 

Ask your boss or HR if they have a matched giving program.

Many workplaces have them and if not, are likely to support you with a donation.

Host a movie night 

Grab some popcorn and your friends, and put on your favourite movie! Ask everyone who attends for a donation on your fundraising page.

Personalise your fundraising page

Personalise your fundraising page and tell your story! Why are you taking part in the event. Who inspires you? 

Have a games night

Invite your family and friends over for a games night and play your favourite games.

Get some snacks and get playing for a good cause.

Ask for donations for your birthday 

Create a fundraising page and ask for donations in lieu of gifts. 

Find out more here

Write a blog or email

Write a blog or email about why you're doing your challenge and send it out to your family and friends asking for a donation. 

Share on your socials

It only takes a minute and can have a big impact! Share your challenge on your socials and let everyone know what you're achieving.

Get out your pens and paper 

Get out your colourful pens and some paper and make some posters, ask your local businesses if you can hang them in their windows.

Host a trivia night 

Trivia nights are a great way of getting people together for a good cause. You can set up a trivia night as a D.I.Y event here 

Your Ultimate Fundraising Guide

Your Ultimate Fundraising Guide


Tell us about your awesome fundraising idea!