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We are excited to launch our regular giving program, and we invite you to be a part of it.

By starting a monthly donation and becoming a regular giver, you can help us create a country where every single premature baby, wherever they are born, has the best chance of survival. In acknowledgement of your generosity, the names of every member of our regular giver program will appear on our website’s honour wall.


What is regular giving?

A regular giving program allows you to give generously to the charity of your choice. Instead of donating to your chosen charity as a once-off cash gift, you establish a regular recurring donation, usually on a monthly basis.  Regular monthly donations are vital to ensuring that non-profit organisations, like ours, can continue to deliver their mission and support the communities they serve and support.


Join our regular giving program today!

Donating regularly is an extraordinary act of kindness. Your gifts will help us plan and deliver our vision long into the future, and enable us to make a tangible difference to more hospitals, and to more premature babies and their families.


Can I change my monthly donation after I start regular giving?

We understand that your circumstances may change. If you need to change how you donate, please contact us to adjust your regular giving status.


Are recurring monthly donations tax deductible?

All monthly and recurring donations of $2 or more are tax deductible in the given financial year. We’ll send you a consolidated receipt of your regular donations at the end of each financial year in July to support your claim on your tax return.


Please start your recurring monthly donation today

If you want to do something wonderful, please start a recurring monthly donation to Running for Premature Babies today so that we can ensure we can continue our mission to provide lifesaving equipment, giving premature babies a better chance of survival.

Your regular gift, no matter the size, will change the lives of sick and premature babies around our nation, and ensure that we can start 2021 with confidence, knowing that whatever the year may bring, our work will continue.


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