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Running for Premature Babies need Major Gifts to help us continue our work

It's true, all donations make a positive difference in our goal to give premature babies a better chance of survival. However, major gifts help us to plan ahead, safe in the knowledge that funding is secure. This confidence helps us to make long-term decisions and significant improvements in neonatal care.

These significant improvements only come with hard work. We promise to do the hard work if you provide the financial investment and premature babies and their families will be the beneficiaries. They are why the support we receive from major gifts and charitable trusts is essential.

Not a millionaire? Not a problem

A common misconception is that all Major Donors are on the AFR Rich List. Not true. Major Donors are ususally individuals who care deeply about the cause, are life-long advocates and/or want to make a significant positive impact.

We will work hard to support you

We will work closely with you to demonstrate how your gift has provided sustainable organisational growth, through personal updates, reports and contact with hospital beneficiaries.

In addition, it would be our pleasure to publicly recognise your generosity, as agreed with you. For companies, we have a range of sponsorship packages that we can tailor to your needs.

Why your gift means so much

Many Australian hospitals do not have the neonatal equipment necessary to save a premature baby's life. Further, the pace of technological improvements means that neonatal equipment is regularly superseded by more advanced equipment. Early access to equipment and the use of advanced equipment regularly makes the difference between a life saved and a life lost.

Our work identifies hospitals around Australia in urgent need of neonatal equipment and supplies equipment to fill this gap. 

By equipping hospitals with advanced equipment, fragile lives will be saved.

Are regular donations tax deductible?

Yes. All donations, including major gifts are tax deductible. 

Please consider making a major gift today

Contact CEO, Gary Trenaman, on 0414 870 536 or to discuss your gift or sponsorship, or simply donate below.

Thank you for considering this act of kindness. You'll be helping us to provide lifesaving equipment and give sick and premature babies a better chance of survival. Your impact will literally last a lifetime. 

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Could provide a state-of-the-art neonatal ventilator for 7 weeks with for a baby with underdeveloped lungs, weighing as little as 500g
Could provide a high-tech integrated monitoring system for critically ill babies in the highest level of Neonatal Intensive Care for 4 months, ensuring babies are constantly monitored for body temperature, body movement and heart rate
Could provide one ultra-blender for a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. This machine improves the accuracy in delivering the optimal amount of oxygen for babies as sub-optimal amounts can affect a baby’s eye or brain development.
Could provide one video laryngoscope, used to assist doctors in intubating critically ill babies weighing as little as 500g.

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If your donation is in memory of a baby who has died or in celebration of a baby who has survived, we'd love you to share their details.

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