Allix's 80th Birthday


My 80th Birthday!

Having now reached 80 I would prefer not to receive presents but a small donation to Sophie’s charity, Running for Premature Babies, would give me the greatest pleasure.

This charity provides vital neonatal equipment to hospitals all over Australia, giving sick and premature babies a better chance of survival. Sophie’s three baby boys, and my grandsons, Henry, Jasper & Evan, who didn’t survive their premature birth, would have been 18 this August. 

Since they left us Running for Premature Babies has raised over $7 million, providing equipment that has helped save the lives of over 9000 babies. Last year Sophie was awarded a lifetime honour by the Australian government in recognition of her dedicated work. 

Your gift will be used to purchase lifesaving equipment for a hospital in need in Australia, which will save the lives of sick and premature babies, giving families the very best gift of all. 

Thank you so much!


Thank you to my Sponsors




M&j Reynolds

To commemorate the 80th birthday of dearest Allix


Lawrence Cotton

Happy 80th to the best Mum ever. Thank you for an amazing weekend.


Sophie Smith

Happy Birthday Mum!! Thank you so much for passing on your birthday presents to Running for Premature Babies! I can't wait to celebrate your big birthday with you in Malden very soon!! Lots of love Sophie xxx


Anna Cotton Smith

Happy birthday Granny!!!


Manfred And Helga

With love from Helga and Manfred


Ciaran Tyler


Isla Cotton

Happy 80th granny, lots of love isla


Clare Banyard


Jack Morris

Happy Birthday Allix!


Ollie Smith

Happy birthday Granny love from Ollie


Freddie Smith

Happy birthday granny


Hazel Cotton

Happy birthday Granny! Love u so much xxx


Lucy Cotton

Dear Granny, Happy Birthday. I love you! Love Lucy XX


Zoe Cotton

Happy birthday granny. Love you so much!! ❤️❤️


Harvey Smith

Happy birthday Granny love Harvey xoxo


Owen Smith

Happy birthday Granny I can wait to see you soon love Owen xoxo