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We are raising money for premature babies! The trainers at Edgefit will be trained by our clients who offer a donation to this amazing cause

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Get Active and Support!

EdgeFit are supporting Running for Premature Babies by creating a team in their fabulous virtual event, the Premmie Marathon Challenge. Everyone chooses the distance they will run, cycle, swim or walk throughout November. It’s a fantastic way to be accountable and stay active as we head towards the silly season and there’s a great mobile app to log your kms and banter with our team. Register for free at premmiemarathonchallenge.com and join the EdgeFit team.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Craig Jenner

Challenge Conor and James to a race on the rowing machine. Best time over 2000m


Rachel Bell

What a great cause ❤️ Thanks EdgeFit for your care this year - mostly Tom but also Connor.


Conor Davison