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Nightly reminder......

As a sigh of exhaustion leaves my body as the last child finally asks the last random bedtime trivia question (why don't ducks have arms Mum ?), and the last of the Pacific ocean is drank down with the 10th glass of water required................I can't help but think back to the first night I had my first baby, he was 31 weeks gestation, and a whole 1800gms, the nurses called him Chooka as he was the same size as a frozen chook from Coles ? Anyway that whole first night of his life, as he slept in his toaster (humi-crib) I was the one who played bedtime trivia......... When will he come home? Will he ever fit into his car seat? Is he going to be strong enough to leave the NICU, ever? What will he be like as he grows up? These questions played on my mind, with many more for the whole 9 weeks he was in hospital, and the answer to all of them was "give it time", but no-one ever told me this was something I had to learn. And with this week being an absolute superstar week for our little miracle premmie kicking goals (or scoring points, basketball fan) left, right and centre, any worry I come across now, all I have to remember is I have an amazing paitent husband that is my rock, and don't rush the worry, time is a healer and an amazing thing........................

The equipment I am raising money for is the same equipment that saved our boys life. I will forever be grateful to time, hospitals and the amazing people that help with all fundraising for premature foundations, you truly do save lives xxxx

Thank you to my Sponsors


Kelly Hodgens

Hi Sarah You and Harrison have a great time on the run. Another fabulous thing you and he get to share together and with the family.


Grant And Belinda


Adelaide O'connor


Ann Butler

Well done dear niece. You are inspirational.


Wendy Gentile

Go Sarah! Running for a great cause close to your heart. Good luck xx


Nikki Bawden

All the best for you and H man. Love you


Katy Tidmarsh

Good work, i have seen a lot of heartbreak over the years with premmie babies, glad to help raise cash for some new equipment to help bubbas out.


Karin Vosmansky

Good luck Sarah xoxo


Natalie Coates

Good luck Sarah x



All the best!