Annie Runs 50 for Prems

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My 'Why'

This November I will run 50km (yes, in one go - at the annual GC50 event at Coolangatta) to raise money for premmie babies.

By supporting me in this quest you'll be helping the Running for Premature Babies charity to buy life-saving equipment and fund ground breaking research that gives critically ill and premature babies a better chance of survival.

This is a cause very close to my heart.  

My first 'babies' Lachie and Flynn turn 18 this December and I am so grateful that they are healthy and happy and about to embark on their next adventure of adulthood.  But they had a pretty rough start. 

Born 10 weeks premature, they faced a number of challenges throughout their first 8 weeks of life as they were confined to hospital and in and out of the intensive care nursery. Between them they had a hole in their heart, a bleed on their brain and blood infections; and required oxygen, blood transfusions and could only be fed via feeding tubes until they were 5 weeks old.  

Then came weeks, months and years of tests to chart their growth and progress and they were often unwell as young children with chest infections, bronchiolitis, croup etc. But fast forward to now and they are just like any other teenagers and you'd never know that when they were born we were told they had a 60% chance of survival.

Still, they are the 'lucky' ones - there are so many families that face this unexpected scenario every week and tragically do not have the happy outcome that we got.  My heart breaks for every family that has to go through such devastating loss.

I love to run. I have completed about 7 half marathons and two full marathons, several triathlons and adventure races - however this will be my biggest challenge by far, a true test of my mind and body! November here in Queensland is HOT...and 50km is a long way!

So when my 50km gets too tough, I will concentrate on Henry, Jasper and Evan (the beautiful boys that Sophie and Ash Smith lost and the reason they founded Running for Premature Babies) and on Lachie and Flynn, pushing me on to do hard things.

Thanks for any support you can give.

Annie xx

Thank you to my Sponsors


Murwillumbah Golf Club Members And Aveo Retirement Village

The very generous members and staff of Murwillumbah Golf Club and residents of Aveo Mountain View Retirement Village, via the amazing fund-raising efforts of Paul and Mary Walden, say: "Go Annie" :)



Good luck tomorrow, I know you're going to smash it.


Gibbs Paul


Justin Amos


Vanessa Mcnamara

All the best Annie from me & my arnotts friends. Such a great thing you are doing ❤❤


Sarah Parker

Incredible Anya Bella, I am just in awe. Running for life. I couldn't be prouder 💜


Bruce Kolkka

Love your work baby, Billie and I will be cheering you on


Stephen Fry

Run Annie Run 🏃‍♀️ ❤️


Anne Walden

So proud of you all and everyone who has played a part in this almost 18 yr journey, from tiny prems to strong young men! Looking forward to donning my Supporter cap once again this weekend!


Scott Clements

Well done Annie, and good luck for the race!!


Sunshine Batteries


Sunshine Batteries


J Mack

Yeh Annie whoop whoop - great job


Colin Boxall

Best of luck, that’s an impressive distance to travel. An awesome cause for something experienced firsthand. Hard to believe those fragile little babies are now healthy, fit young men. Very grateful indeed.


Annabel Kolkka



Super proud of you my crazy BBF. I know your ‘why’ will give you all the strength, grit and determination to get you over the finish line.


Renae Litzner

We are are super proud of you!! Thankyou for being you xx


Sarah Croft

You're amazing Annie - run like the wind!


Hugh Parker

This is a truly immense challenge but I know that you can rise to it. ' When I'm running I don't have to talk to anybody and don't have to listen to anybody. This is part of my day I can't do without. ' ..... Haruki Murakami.





Love your work superstar. Good luck tomorrow!


Caroline Fildes


Lou Brekich

You are amazing, so proud of you and the training and effort you’ve already put in place for the big day. You are one strong (mentally & physically) superstar.


Cath Ann

Run Annie Run 😊


Janey Jensen


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