Annapurna Marathon - Nepal

Helping give premature babies a better chance of survival

I'm so excited to be back running with Sophie's Running for Premature Babies team - but his time in Nepal! Running a really big mountain and raising funds for tiny tiny babies - and giving them the best chance of survival.

By supporting our team you'll be raising funds to buy life-saving equipment and fund groundbreaking research that give critically ill and premature babies a better chance of survival.

I hope you can help us - every little step contributes to the big picture.

Thank you 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Gmh Consulting

Good luck Colleen



You go girl!


Jackie C

You are awesome Col! Happy running.


Richelle & Mark

Go Col, enjoy all that training in beautiful Wanaka!


Sarah Slattery

Hi Colleen - good luck with your run. I hope the trip and event goes well and you return home safe and sound. Thanks again for having me during winter games. Looking forward to coming back next year! Cheers, Sarah


Phil And Dachy Hogan

Run Forest, run. Love from Dachy



Well done for doing something like this!!!


James Rowden

Well Done Colleen, Best of luck for it



Running on a high! Hope it goes well Colleen, good luck and hope you get a nice massage afterwards xx


Leesa Carney

Enjoy Col! ♥️


Julie Perry

I greatly admire you pursuing a personal challenge in support of a great cause - have fun out there!


Maddison Luchetti

Good luck Col! What an amazing thing to do x


Chris Robertson

Sorry it took me so long! Can’t wait to see this adventure :) You’re awesomely!


Kylie Bernoth

What mountain!? Love you Col, well done on getting into such a great cause. Ky x


Ingrid Nott

What a legend! Good on you Colleen.


Kylie Silk

Good Luck Col!


Dianne Moy

Boom you’re at you target! Have a wonderful adventure!


Rachael Clarke

Good on you Colleen, thinking of you and all the best for your run tomorrow. Rach, Clarkey and Sam xo


Lisa Springer

Congratulations Colleen. In awe of your achievement. So amazing. What an experience of a lifetime. Well done. Xxxx


Jane Wiles

Go Colleen!



Go Col!!!


Bobbi Mayne

Good on you Col! You are awesome.


Erin Marie Fitzgerald

I'm so proud of you - have a great time, enjoy every mile knowing you're leaving behind a meaningful impact with every step.


Julie Sheppard

Go girl!