Colman O'Driscoll

Annapurna Marathon - Nepal

Running for Rory

Our son Rory was born prematurely at 28 weeks and very small weighing just 685g.  He spent his first 13 weeks of life in hospital with most of that time in the highest level of the intensive care unit.  Thankfully, because of the wonderfully care he received at the Royal Hospital for Women, he survived and is now a happy, sometimes cheeky, 5 year old.

This October, with a small group of other runners, I will be taking on the Annapurna Marathon. Starting at 800m the marathon climbs to 4,000m across the Annapurna region of the Himalayas - this will be the biggest physical challenge I have ever faced, but it is still nothing when compared to those faced by Rory and other premature babies just to survive.

Without fundraising like this, Rory would not have had access to the care he needed and so I might not be running to celebrate but rather to remember.

Thank you to my Sponsors



Well done mate...still cant believe how tiny Rory is in that picture and how strong he is now...he's got the fightin' Irish blood!


Lisa Norman

Amazing Story of Courage and Love Colman - I wish for you the same strength and determination as Rory. May the Force be with you.


Marcelle Mogg

Fantastic achievement to date Colman and best wishes for Annapurna. And great to see wee ones like Rory thrive with great care and much love.


Nick Savage

Great stuff. What knees.


Bryan Pyne

All the best Colman with the next challenge.


Nikki Lowe


Emily, Liam, Daniel & Harriet

Well done on such a massive feat Colman, and Rory!


Jo Bell

Good Luck Colman - thank you for sharing Rory's story


Lizzie Spaull

Thank you for sharing your heartwarming and touching story with us all. He’s a little miracle. Wishing you all the best Colman. Run Colman Run. We are all very proud of you. An amazing cause. From Lizzie (and Family)


Jeffrey Williams

Great work Colman and good luck


Deb Morris

Running to celebrate Rory and all the other bubs - go well Colman!


James Ogloff

Very inspirational and for a great cause


Andrew White

Awesome, should be an amazing experience, good luck


Cathy Scott

Go you and congratulations Colman! What an amazing mum and dad Rory has...what an amazing story.


Ron Deeble

Go Colman. Your marathon will be very successful as we need you back to run the Richmond redevelopment.


Brett Barnett

Good luck mate


Simon Tb

All the best with your Annapurna adventure Colman. I hope you're ready for it. Despite your comments, you will be severely tested.


Richard Brimble

Just an amazing challenge Colman - wishing you the best with the marathon, and the fundraising for this special cause.


Paschal Flynn

I'd better see some good photos out of this run.......and no walking or golfing along the way


Rachel Bowes

Good luck, don't break anything....


Scott Gilbert


David Burns

Good luck. Better you than me.


John Pease

Go Colman! Outstanding cause - outstanding commitment!!



Sounds like a tremendous run. May your legs be strong! Fantastic cause


Lorna Obrien

run when you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must: just never give up


Jess Gough


Steve Goldsworthy

Enjoy that 21km up hill first half!


Michael Phillips

Best of luck Colman!


Lee-anne Borham

All the very best.


Shane Kelly


Ben Edwards

You better be carb loading!!


Verity Winter


Thili Perera

Good luck Colman! Great cause.


Dani Meinema

Best of luck Colman


Raj Maheshwari

Colman, thanks for sharing Rory's story. Glad to see him thriving. All the best for the run.


Louise Hayes

Good luck Colman. It will be amazing run, take in all of the view which will help you forget the pain (maybe). I am sure when it gets tough you will think of Rory which will get you though.


Strephon Billinghurst

Go Colman!