Joseph, Rosa, Misky & Franco

Take on your own challenge

Help us give premature babies a better chance of survival

Hi it's joe 

Please donate to us to help premature babies. I promise to run more than 15 laps. 

Thank you for reading my message on the Internet 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Madda Boughtwood

I am pretty sure you ran way more than 15 last time Joe! Such an awesome cause. Lots of love to you, Rosa and Misky. Make sure you drink lots of water afterwards. Love Aunty Madda xx



Such a wonderful thing for you to do, you are making the world a better place for everyone - Thank you Joe, Rosa, and Misky (and Franco, Des and Pedro) xx


Bijly Taylot

We know you will do your best Joe, Rosa and Misky xox


James Taylor (not To Be Confused With That Dastardly James Taylot Fellow)

Great cause guys, enjoy the run!


Alice & Reuby

Run as many laps as your little legs will take you!! X


Frances Schramko

Go Joe! Running in your mummy's footsteps doing wonderful things to help change the world! xxx


Tim Smith

Go Joe! Proud of you my beautiful son 👍


Anne-maree Pearce

Thanks for making this great effort Desiree!!! Proud of you!


Maria Alejandra Robledo

Lovely cause Joe, Rosa and Misky! We are sure you will smash the goal! Emilio and Nicolas will be cheering you up!


Desiree Leone


Amelia Thomson

Hi Joe, great job buddie. I was one of those premmie babies at 10weeks early! Mum can show you how much 3 pounds is. Well done, see you sunday. X