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Premmie Marathon Challenge 2021 - Ultramarathon

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I’m taking part in the Premmie Marathon Challenge

This is something that’s really close to my heart. So many of my family, friends and even clients have given birth prematurely and it is a real struggle. I want to make a difference so that babies that are born premmie have the best chance at survival. Please help me in this important cause. Thank you for your support.

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100k Reached!

When I decided to join up to the Premmie Marathon Challenge I thought of it as a way I could make a difference to others. As I have noted earlier, I have known many people – family, friends, clients – who have had premature babies and I know what a challenge that can be. With more funding, there can be more research into what causes premature births and how they can be prevented, as well as more understanding of how best to care for premmie babies.

I am incredibly grateful for all the generous donations people have made (not just to me but to all the challenge participants) and it makes me happy to have raised awareness about this cause.

However, there have been other, unexpected, benefits to this challenge. Personally, I knew the challenge of running 100k in one month was going to be tough because I have a very time-consuming job as a mortgage broker – it’s definitely more than just 9-5.

Setting myself this challenge was a way to be more disciplined and also to show what you can achieve when you set your mind to a goal.

It has also been really good for my fitness. I have noticed a difference already with running a few ks each day. That has also had a positive impact on my mental health. Running gives me a chance to clear my mind every day and let go of the stresses that come with my busy work life.

I’ve enjoyed the experience so much that I’ve started recommending to my friends and family that they start running too. I truly believe that exercise can make a real difference to our physical and mental fitness and I’m spreading the word to get more people to give it a try.

At the halfway point of the month, I’ve already reached the 100k through the challenge. But I’ve decided that even when I reach the 100k mark I’m still going to keep running and raising money. And in my purple Premmie shirt I know I’ll continue to be spreading the word about this important cause!  

Caring for others while caring for myself

As you may be aware, caring for others – family, friends, clients – is something I take very seriously and I find it incredibly rewarding to give back. However, sometimes I think it’s important to do something for yourself. This year I wanted to give myself a personal challenge to work towards making a difference.

During lockdown to everyone’s surprise I have taken out the running shoes and yes – I’ve decided to take part in the Premmie Marathon Challenge 2021 – Ultramarathon!

I’ll be running 100 kms over November to raise funds for life-saving equipment and groundbreaking research that give critically ill and premature babies a better chance of survival. I’d really appreciate any support you can kindly give to this really important cause.

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Nancy Aliferis

Hey Effie Just a big thank you for your help with our family getting my kids moving along !! You gave so much I want to give back !! run you gem!!!



Good luck


Si Realty Israeli

Good luck


Ren Hor Wong

My youngest daughter was born premature. She’s a healthy 8yo now owing much to the professionals at hospital and ICU. When I see what you’re doing to help it’s so relevant. Thank you!


Umc Pty Ltd



Congratulations on reaching your 100kms we are so proud of you


The Bondi Boys

This is great Effie from the Bondi Boys


Ella Rose Athens

The girls are so proud of you Effie xxx


Paris Mousamas

Hey Effie, This is an amazing thing you are doing! I would love to help you out and support this amazing charity! Love Paris ❤️



Happy to support such a great cause.





Keep up the amazing work! Such an inspiration to support a great cause!!


Optimal Wealth Solutions Pty Ltd



Good work Effie!


Philip Alphonse



Awsome effort by you Effie and such a great cause



Such a great cause!!!


Nash Maktumi

Such a great cause Effie 💛


Malcolm Turner

Go Effie


Anna A

Good on your Effie enjoy the challenge x



Good luck Effie!



Awesome challenge Effie!


Rakesh Prasad

Great work Eff


Rosemary Antunovic

What a great achievement Effie


Darrell F

You are amazing! God bless


Adrian Gardner


Emily Saint-smith


Kim Warner

Amazing job Effie - you're doing a great job !


Tom Haggie- Yellow Brick Road North Sydney

Well done Effie great cause


Georgina P

A very worthy cause. Well done Effie!


Jerome Porcia

Smash it Effie


Janette Brennan

Well done EFFIE.


Jonathan Buckley


Judy Efunder

Well done Effie !!!


Maria Poly

Great cause Effie! Well done!


Michael Gillard

Good job Eff ! Need a support crew ? Lol


Helen Panagis

You go girl ⚘🌷 Super woman ❤



Way to go Effie. Well done


Angela Dress

What a great cause you have chosen Effie. So happy to support you. Dimitri was 10 weeks premmie xx


Adrian Gardner

Well done Effie this is a great cause