Helen White

Premmie Marathon Challenge 2021 - Ultramarathon

$50 for 50th: Premmie 100km Marathon Challenge

On 17th November I turn 50. It is also World Premmie Day. I don't need any gifts except your generosity. So please donate $50 for 50.  100km in a week! (and most of you who know me know the last time I ran (anywhere ever) was in the 2017 RFPB Half Marathon for baby Jack Sparrow ). 

So please support my $50 for 50 Premmie Marathon Challenge’ this November, raising funds for lifesaving neonatal equipment, giving hundreds of premature babies a better chance of survival. 

Even if you weren't thinking of buying me a present, you can just do a little bit of good for the world. Donate! Thanks

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Amy, Brendan, Edison, & Jack

I can’t believe you are doing this. Very inspirational! Love you!


Helen White


Runology Coaching

Go H!


Viktoria M

Go Helen!


Ross And Shirley

Go Helen. Great cause.


Katie Breathwick

Run well my friend. An amazing thing to do xxxx



Awesome cause Helen, good luck 😘