NYC Marathon - Emerson’s Challenge 2019

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Emerson’s Challenge

It’s been 8 months since Emerson was born prematurely and then heartbreakingly passed away just 6 days later.

As days have passed we have managed to find a new way in the world- there have been many tears, loads of conversations and of course when there is a 6 year old in the family plenty of laughs too. Together as a family we are closer and know Emerson is a part of us.

Courtenay, Alexa and I still have so much ahead of us and continue to be inspired by the impact Emerson has had on our lives. We truly believe life is too short to be wasted and the idea of challenging ourselves to be our best and live with passion is instilled in us.

I had always wanted to complete a Triathlon... so as Emerson’s Challenge to me - I decided NOW was the time. So for the past 4 months I have been training 6 days a week in preparation for October 19/20/21- The Long Course Weekend in Jervis Bay.

Swimming does not come naturally to me and nor does more than 20kms on the bike... so this has been a “hellova” Challenge. 

I will be swimming 950m; Cycling 95km and Running 21.5km.

If you can spare a few quid in even the smallest way by Supporting me you'll be raising funds to buy life-saving equipment and fund groundbreaking research that give critically ill and premature babies a better chance of survival.

And for that I would be so truly grateful. 


Thank you to my Sponsors


Courtenay Smith

Good luck Sweetheart! Emmie will be with you all the way.


Amber Gibson

Hi Jane, Very sorry to hear of your loss. Wishing you all the best for your triathlon this weekend... am sure you'll do brilliantly. Kind regards, Amber Gibson


Soohie Hlubucek

Constantly in awe of you Jane. Will be cheering you on!!! x


The Brooksies

Run like the wind and cycle and swim! We love you and your beautiful family. We will be thinking about your angels! x


Mel & Rosie

Love and hugs to you gals,.. all the best!


Laura Oakman

Your strength is amazing. Your courage inspirational. Thinking of you all. Goodluck precious one.


Vesma Sutherland

A wonderful way to honour Emerson


Emily Bowie

Go smash it chicka and enjoy every moment... been an epic journey .... x



Good Luck


Jane Wilson


Claire Alidenes

Well done for setting such an ambitious challenge. It’s not exactly a mini marathon! And, this a really lovely way to keep remembering and being inspired by Emmie.


Lise Rawlings

What a challenge best of luck for it xx


Michelle Knights

Best wishes Wilso. However it turns out, you and your family are winners. Go hard girl Michelle


Scout Lee Britts

Go Willow


Amy Cameron

You are an inspiration!!!!! Sending you lots of love and strength xxxx


Jo Jo Toots Basnett

You’re a bloody inspiration Wilo xxxxx


Kate Melocik


Tina Clark

Inspiring xx


Louise, Mark & Xavi


Amanda Smith




Michelle Harwood

Go get em Jane. Sending lots of ❤️ To such a beautiful family x


Reuss Family

Jane, you and your family of 4 are an incredible inspiration. Good luck and stay strong! Clemmie, Steph and family x


Suz Elliott

What an achievement - amazing work Jane ! Xx


Jeni Delesclefs

Jane. Your incredible ability to be show such strength and vulnerability at the same time is inspirational to so many. Backing you! Jen


Jojo Toots Basnett

There is something inside you greater than any obstacle..... Good luck xxx


Mabel, Kim & Brendan





You have amazing strength and determination, and can set your mind to achieve any goals you set it. Best of luck with the triathlon - you’ve got this!


Mark Barnes


Jodi Mccarthy

Have a wonderful time doing this for Emerson. Stay safe and enjoy the wonderful New York City. xx


Alice Peel

So inspired by you and your beautiful family. 'You can'! xo Ps When this start up takes off proper I can support this amazing organisation more! xo