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Our Miracle Mason

My first pregnancy I was going so well I was up to 29 weeks and just went for a check up with my obstetrician. My obsterician took my blood pressure and it was very high, I was sent to hospital and was on bed rest. That night while I was in hospital my blood pressure spiked high again and this time I was rushed by an ambulance to another hospital where they had an NICU as they need to be prepared. I ended up having  pre- eclampsia. I was monitored closely and then the next day I started getting pains in my rib cage and my blood pressure was still high, they where trying to hold me and my baby out to 30 weeks but to keep me and my baby’s safe I had to have an emergency cesarean.  That night I gave birth to my son Mason which was a surprise as we didn’t know the gender. Mason was born at 29 weeks weighing 898 grams,  he was tiny he wasn’t even 1kg of butter. That night I didn’t even get to see my baby he was rushed straight over to the doctors and nurses and put in an incubator. All I received that night after I came out of recovery was a beautiful photo of my son.  We spent three months in NICU  the doctors and nurses were amazing so supportive and doing the best job possible looking after our baby boy and all the other premature babies. 
Mason is now 5 years old and he is a beautiful handsome boy that we love dearly we have definitely had our ups and downs along the way but he is determined more then ever to do the best he can do we are so proud of him and the enormous hurdle he has conquered in his life it has made him so much stronger and couldn’t be more proud. We count our lucky stars everyday that he is hear with us. 

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Sandra Stradmann

I’m so proud of my daughter raising money for this amazing charity.


Jan Mitchell

Gooluck to my granddaughter we are very proud of you Pop and Nan✂️⛄️


Teresita Pride

This is a great cause to support. Good luck :)


Kylie Appleyard