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Running for Tobias

As most of you know, our little Tobias and Hannah were born at 33 weeks. While we sadly lost Hannah in utero, Tobias was in NICU and special care for 3 weeks. While Tobias spent some time on an incubator and within a humidicrib and  his journey was a very positive one. But during his stay, we were overwhelmed by the large number of babies within NICU and special care, many not doing so well. What we didn’t know, is that hospitals rely on these life saving machines and the funds required to buy them, by donations.  

Running for Premature Babies does exactly this. So far, they have funded neonatal research and provided lifesaving equipment which has benefitted over 6000 babies.

Over the course of September, October and November, Tyler and I will run and walk 150km and help fundraise as much as possible to help this cause. 

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