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Premmie Marathon Challenge 2022

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Help us give premature babies a better chance of survival

By supporting me, you'll be raising funds to buy life-saving equipment that will give critically ill and premature babies a better chance of survival.

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Day 12 - Run

Day 12 - 14km run 

Day 11

Day 11 - 1km ocean swim 

Day 9 - 1250m swim

Day 9 - 1250m swim 

Day 8 - 1250m swim

Day 8 - 1250m swim 

Day 7 - 1.250 km swim

Day 7 - 1.250km swim 

Day 5

20km run 

Day 3

1km swim done. 97km to go ?

Day 2

1km swim. 98km to go!! 

Day 1

1km swim of 20km done and dusted ????

Rua O'Driscoll

This December marks 6 years since Rua came flying into the world at just 30 weeks and we are so lucky that he has not stopped running since! During his 9 week hospital stay, Rua used equipment donated by the Running for Prems foundation and he was fortunate to be cared for by the legends Dr Tim Schindler and Dr John Smyth, as well as countless other amazing doctors and nurses. We will always remember our stay and by fundraising we try to give others the same opportunities we had in NICU, to grow and grow and grow.

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Ra Smith Contracting

Good luck Mick!!


Sean O Mahony

Good man Mick, sorry for the delay best of luck with it, absolute great cause


Liam Eyre

Keep up the great work Mick!


Eanna O'sullivan

Hon ya Haulie boi....carry in til youre carried off!! 💪💪💯👏


Tom Spillane

Fair play Mick.


Best Prop In Nsw

Great cause & challenge, DISCO! I will need photographic evidence as I don't believe your old potato knees can handle this.


Patrick O Donovan


Shane Walsh

All the best Mick


Patrick Puddefoot

Great work mate


Michelle Walsh

As always I don’t doubt that you will hit every marker!Rua is just like you!!Was amazing to see you all this summer!Can’t wait for next year!!xxx


James Brand

Dain braw


Cathal F

Good luck 💪🏻


Max Cunningham

You're a bloody legend mate, go hard.



Killing it Mick O!


Matt Rogers

Good luck Mick!


Mitchell Kirby

Smash it out mate!


Alison Kelly

Ur some man! Amazing stuff keep it going!!


David Tucker


Kevin (the Real Deal) O’neill

Your a Great young fella,




Ola Rachid

Good luck and all the best Mick!


Mickey Treanor

Cheers mick all the best


Col Dunne

Onya Haulie, great stuff mate!!



Good luck Mick and your gorgeous family cheering you on x


Johnny Welsh Riiight

All the love, all the power. All the turf


Suzanne Solman

Best of luck with your fundraising and 100km challenge Mick!


Jeff Condon


Ciarán O'driscoll



Aoife Dolphin

Best of luck Mick!


Top Grade Civil

Good stuff Mick 👍🏻


Avril Mcauley

Great cause, best of luck mick


Vaughan Telfer

Good in you Mick, great cause 👍


Cameron Mclean


Finbarr O Connell

Great stuff Haulie


The Board Of Running For Premature Babies

We've matched your donation! Thank you for giving premature babies a better chance of survival.


Jen Dick

Well done so far Mick! A great achievement for a very worthy cause.


Celine Gold

Great work Mick.


David Crowley

Good luck Mick!


Karin Christie

Well done as always! Thought I’d better push you over your $4k goal


Emma Lyon

So amazing Mick!!


Lindsay Killin

Great work Mick. I have a lot of friends with very premi babies, and it is amazing how healthy they are now following the great work of the hospitals.


Tammy Bowden




Tim Scott


Tani Knight

Best of luck with your challenge and thanks for the oportunity to contribute.


William O'donovan





Leo Leotta

All the power to you mate! I'm in Brisbane but let me know if there's anything I can help with.