Nicole Bunyon

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Help me give premature babies a better chance of survival by running 115km on the Heyson trail in October!

By supporting my challenge, you'll be raising funds to buy life-saving equipment and fund groundbreaking research that give critically ill and premature babies a better chance of survival. 

I myself am a survivor of prematurity having been born a few months before my due date and weighing in at 1.4kg. I spent the start of my life surrounded by life-saving equipment which kept me alive. My parents were told I would die, and in fact I actually did with my heart stopping 3 times during my first days. It was only though medical intervention and resources available at the hospital I was at, plus my fighting spirit that I survived and not only that, I THRIVED to where I am today. Who could think what would have been had I not survived...I have achieved so much in my life, and through the work I do at Running Mums Australia I share incredible causes close to my heart. This year I am running my 11th Ultramarathon on the Heyson Trail in October. It will be over 115km, and each step I take will be for those babies who didn't have the chance to live like I did, and for those babies who are miracles who survived the odds, or continue to fight on with issues from their prematurity. I would love you to join in supporting my training and run in raising as much funds as possible to help families across Australia just like mine. 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Kathryn Mclay


Kylie Gorman


Judy Schulstad

I thought I would be first seeing I gave you life & we fought together. Love you & am so proud of you.


Sandra Nunyon


Rachel & Tal Jagoda

Super supportive of this, my husband Tal was born at 25 weeks 980gms. He is now 6 foot tall and runs with me occasionally.


Diana Le Miere

Woo hoo! Go Nic! You’ve got this 🙌


Tracey Youssef

Great cause.




Aileen Anderson

Good luck Nicole! X


Bronwyn Wood


Lindsey Kenney

Amazing work lovely, and for a very worthy cause too! 🥰


Amy Deeks

Great work Nicole! Such a worthy cause.



You my dear are a shining light to this world. Have spent a bit of time in NICU here at PCH, it's heartbreaking sometimes. beautiful cause xx


Alex Mcivor

Can’t wait to hear all about your run Nicole! Such a great cause to support premmie babies 💕


Rachael Sandercock


Sophie Smith

Good luck Nicole!


Julianna Nagy

You’re beautiful inside out, I’m grateful for having you in my life xx


Amy Bunker

Go Nicole, beautiful cause. Strong strides for all those precious bubs xx


Masa Chiba

Go Nicole xxxxx



Go bunyon u got this run xx


Sally H

Such a special reason to run. Wonderful work Nicole xx


Maz Bustamante

Keep up the inspiring work!


Tina Kirwan

Love your work Nic x


Heather Welsh





Love you X



You’ve got this Nic! Your tribe believes in you #rma