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Nicole Kohn

Brisbane Marathon Festival

Smashing goals in honour of all the premature babies!!!

After my first was born prematurely at 36 weeks she spent theĀ  first two weeks of her life in the special care nursery, including the first 24 hours in a humidicrib. It is indescribable the pain of having your child taken away while you recover in birth suite or not being able to hold them whenever you want, even if it is what is best for them. Compared to others we were lucky. Within 24 hours our daughter was in an open crib and cuddles could be had when we wanted. Leaving the hospital without my baby was the next challenging hurdle but at two weeks old she came home with us and has continued to thrive.
Having been touched by such an experience makes me only imagine what it must be like for parents of premature babies who spend the first days, weeks or even months of their lives in the neonatal intensive care unit. Or those that parents never get to take home to the nursery that was lovingly created for them.
My experience with a premature baby makes me cherish the modern medicine we have that gives premature babies a fighting chance at survival and for this reason I am joining team Running for Premature Babies to raise money for the RBWH neonatal intensive care unit. Having known babies who have began their lives their I know the roll it plays in helping premature babies thrive.
As I begin my running journey coming back from the birth of my second child, who managed to stay in until 37 weeks and avoid any stays in special care, I have set myself some running goals. As I run the Brisbane Marathon Festival 10k wearing purple in support of Running for Premature Babies I hope to smash my first goal of running a sub 60min 10k race. We'll see how my goal goes as the course is certainly not flat, but I have a husband who I know will be all too willing to ensure I get some appropriate training in.
So please support this wonderful cause in any way you can!!!

Help us give premature babies a better chance of survival

By supporting our team you'll be raising funds to buy life-saving equipment and fund groundbreaking research that give critically ill and premature babies a better chance of survival.

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