Rae Rae runs for premmies

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Help us give premature babies a better chance of survival

Help me run 50km  by Christmas and raise money for premmie babies. I am no runner but it’s for a really great cause, so please help out! 

My Updates

Finally run 3! 4.1km

I am so behind! I dragged myself onto the treadmill and pumped out just over 4km! 
I’m going to need to step it up to reach my goal! I can definitely do it though! 

Run #2

Completed my second run today! I haven’t been well so it was a struggle.  My watch said 3.85km when I was done but the treadmill said 4.11! I jumped on and did another km. 
Let’s call it an even 5km! 

I’m just happy I’ve done 2 now! 

First run done!

I completed my first run on the treadmill while my bubba slept! 5.25km of my 50km done and dusted! Listened to my badass girls running playlist (of course)! Feeling fab! 

Thank you to my Sponsors




Linda Wiles

Well done on raising money for this fabulous cause! Xxx


Ben Kucharski

Go get them, Raify! Good luck & AWESOME cause. Bec, Ben & Hazel


Rose Simo

Go Wiles!!! You got this Aunty Rachel and are so proud of you xxx Love Roz, Simo, Emilia and Emmanuel xxx





Karen Wiles

Great cause Chel, good luck XX


Hazey Kuch

You go girl, killin it!


Jodi Freeland

Go you!! Such a wonderful cause xx


Rachel Zogbee


Shani Mccaig



Ez Armstrong

(Flame trailing behind)