Rafael Levin

Kids Fun Run 2022

I’m taking part in the Kids Fun Run

I’m taking part in the Running for Premature Babies Kids Fun Run on 21 August and would love your support. Funds raised will go towards life-saving equipment for neonatal units around Australia, giving hundreds of premature babies a better chance of survival.

All donations are tax deductible. Thank you so much for your support!

My Achievements

Thank you to my Sponsors


Leyat And Jack Reuben

Legend Rafa


Gavriel, Yossi And Bella Faul

Go Rafa Go!!! You’ll run super fast!!! The best big brother ever . So proud of you Rafa ❤️❤️❤️


Rivka Adelist


Chaya Levin

Good Job Rafa! We love you! ❤️


Chana And Leibel Mangel

We love you Rafa ! Best big brother


Leah Levine

Go Rafa go!!! We love you so much!! Love, BubbyLeah and Zaidy


Sheina Beruria Barukh

Love you rafa!! You're a champion 🏆 🥇


Nikki Kinstlinger

Shkoyach, Rafa! Your sisters are so lucky to have such an amazing big brother 💪🏼


Meir Levine


Eli Tuvel

Rafa you champion!



Go Rafa! Well done on doing this run, best big brother ever!


Nechama Kinstlinger

Love you sweet boy and beautiful girls and mum and dad! Run run run!!!


Talia Paneth

Rafa, we are so proud of you for supporting your sisters and all the other little bubs out there. E & L are so lucky to have you as their big brother ❤️ Put on your best running shoes and smash it! Xx Talia and Noah


Bobby Bloom

Go Rafa



So proud of you Rafa! Love Noa :)


Chana Harkham


Wolf Markowitz


Mimi Levine

Love you Rafa so proud of you!!


Rafael Levin


Ari, Yosef & Liba

Rafa - We're so proud of you! Love your Pugen cousins in Toronto:)


Seattle Bloom’s

Go Rafa go! We’re so proud of you for doing this run. Sending lots of love!


Broner Family

Gooooo rafa. We are so proud of you! Love, Eli. Talia, shu, sim, yitzi, kiki and avi


Chana & Yossi

We love you Raffa!!! So proud of you!!!


Bloom Family Philadelphia

Love you so much