Kids Fun Run 2022

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My target 42 kms

I’m taking part in the Kids Fun Run

I’m taking part in the Running for Premature Babies Kids Fun Run on 21 August and would love your support. Funds raised will go towards life-saving equipment for neonatal units around Australia, giving hundreds of premature babies a better chance of survival.

All donations are tax deductible. Thank you so much for your support!

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Steven Johnston


Tallow, Bede And Banksi

Little super star, love you x


Fabi & Fred

Run, Sally, run!



Go gorgeous girl


Archie And Nate

We are so proud of you🤗 Have fun Addi ♥️


Kerrie Bing Nicole Dorahy

Run hard Addi, you little champion... Love Bing Kerrie and Doz


Jamie Smede

Good Luck Addison💕 Aunty Jamie and Uncle Daz, Jen and De💕


Shareen Verdon

Addi and Sally - congratulations on your wonderful quest. I know you will achieve your goal.


Dave And Mary Croke

Dear Addi Congratulations on your outstanding achievements and to your parents for their love and impressive support. Dave and Mary


Mummy & Daddy

We love you baby girl So proud of you xx


Jane Sharman

Have fun running addi as we know you will ❤️ nanny &pa


Big Brendan

Have fun Addi. Can't wait to meet ya :D


Pete Boardman

Best of luck Addi


Skye Paydas

Good running little one! Hope you didn’t start the race prematurely… hope you didn’t jump the gun…. Hope that joke wasn’t too inappropriate. Love you baby girl







Macie, Emmie & Mav

We Love you Addi ❤️


Blanc Content


Kristen Zsovar

Proud of you always Addi baby xx


Shane Neil’s

Go addi


Uncle Breeze

You got this addi


Kristine Sharman


Vailahi T

Go Miss Addi❤️❤️Lots of love Vailahi


Sarah Forner

Go Addi xxx


Nat Verdon

Congrats Addi and Sally for a great achievement 😘



🫶🏼💖 Go girl xx


Eric Desheep

W are all so proud of you


Guinea Fowls

Go Addi you are amazing


Julie Kitanovska

Good luck on your walk/run cutie 🙌🏻


Alana Howard