Simone Bacha

Premmie Marathon Challenge 2021

Let’s help give preemie babies a better chance of survival

Premature babies rely on high end and very complicated equipment to aid their growth and survival. Witnessing this first hand with our 30 weeks twin boys, we understand how important it is that hospitals have sufficient equipment when it’s required most.

We are extremely blessed and very grateful that our boys had access to all that they needed and I’m hoping to raise enough money to contribute, with you all, in making a difference and giving  ALL of these beautiful premature babies a fighting chance. 

Thank you for supporting ‘Premmie Marathon Challenge’ this November, raising funds for lifesaving neonatal equipment, giving hundreds of premature babies a better chance of survival.

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Our preemie story

On March 5, 2020 our beautiful twin boys Edmond-Ray and Antonios-Joseph were born at just 30 weeks.

They spent over 50 days in care before being big enough, and healthy enough to come home.

Watching our tiny 1000g babies rely on all of the neonatal equipment wasn’t easy, but we will be forever grateful that this equipment was available to us to give our boys a chance. We are very blessed and forever grateful as we now have very healthy 1 year old boys loving life and creating chaos with their big brother. 

I really hope that I will be able to raise a enough money to really make a difference  and to give other preemie babies a chance at life.

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We also experienced NICU with our twins. Love this initiative! God bless your beautiful boys💙💙



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