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Help The Eco Kids give premature babies a better chance of survival


The Eco Kids and the community are banding together to create "Nappy for NICU"

This involves children in our community having their handprints - their own personal touch, on a handmade nappy by The Eco Kids, of which all proceeds will be going towards 'Running for premature babies'.

Each time a nappy is bought - The Eco Kids will make a donation in your name!
Nappies won't be ready for purchase until approximately the end of September 2019, but that doesn't mean you can't donate now!


This is a special cause and is close to my heart.

My Nephew Teddy was a NICU baby and I had to watch the heart ache my sister went through not being able to have her baby with her in the moments after his birth. Thanks to the staff at the Royal Hobart hospital, he will be celebrating his 1st birthday on June 21st.

My younger brother was also a NICU baby and is lucky to have survived what he did.
I gave him his middle name, Bennett - which means 'Blessed'

These are just some of the many stories of success thanks to the funding provided to the Neonatal intensive care units.


Running for Premature Babies raises funds for life-saving neonatal equipment and research, giving premature babies a better chance of survival. Set up by a mum who lost all three of her prematurely born triplets, the charity has so far raised over $3.5 million. Over 5000 babies have directly benefitted from this fundraising and some of the most unwell babies would not have pulled through without it.



"I am so touched that The Eco Kdis is fundraising for my charity, Running for Premature Babies Foundation. I founded this charity after losing all three of my prematurely born triplets to their prematurity nearly 13 years ago, as I wanted something good to come from their lives and wanted to save other parents from suffering the same tragedy we had done. All funds raised through this fundraiser will provide lifesaving neonatal equipment for NICUs, giving premature babies a better chance of survival. I am so grateful for every single dollar raised, whether through buying this beautiful new nappy Ally has designed or from a donation to this page.
Thank you so much for helping save the lives of our precious premature babies.
Sophie Smith"

With your help more equipment can be purchased and more research funded.


All donations are tax deductable.



Thank you for giving premature babies a better chance of survival,

The Eco Kids