Quinn Darragh & Luke Stewart

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Quinn and Luke Swim - English Channel 2020

Meet best mates Quinn Darragh and Luke Stewart. They love a challenge and a good cause. In September 2020 the challenge is to individually swim 36 km in very cold water from England to France.
They are doing this to support a cause close to both of their hearts. Quinn's son Ryder was born prematurely at 27 weeks at the Royal Hospital for Women, and he survived thanks to state of the art lifesaving equipment donated by Running for Premature Babies. One of the most important pieces of equipment that saved Ryder was a Nava Ventilator.
Thankfully, Ryder is now a healthy 6 year old, and now Quinn and Luke want to help others be as lucky as Ryder. That’s why they are taking on this big challenge.  By supporting Quinn and Luke you’ll be helping provide one more Nava Ventilator for the hospital, which will save the lives of more than 600 critically ill and premature babies each year!! Every single cent you donate goes towards this life saving equipment.

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Will Foster

Go well Luke - amazing goal setting mate, proud of you.


Nick And Lucy Brown

All the best legends for a great swim!


Tom Mather

Great effort boys. Love you both!! Xx


Ed & Jen Barnes

Nice one lads, awesome cause! Hopefully it’s not too nippy!


Dance Chora

Good luck DC dads! English Channel...bloody amazing 👊🏼


Margot And Joe Loh

Superb effort boys. You are both so inspirational and what a worthy cause. Otis was only in NICU for 2 weeks but we were extremely grateful for the equipment and care he received from the hospital. All the best with the swim. Margot and Joe xx


The Devereux's

All the best on the journey. The dedication and commitment is next level. Super proud. Truly inspiring.


Sharon Mcdermott

You guys are amazing!


David Finnimore

Inspirational effort gents and a great cause 💙🤙


Michael Badenhope

Absolutely amazing and wonderful cause. The world needs more people like you Quinn. Good well!


Craig Wiseman

Great cause Luke (and Quinn) - an amazing challenge and have no doubts you will both succeed.


Johnny And Lucy Mckelvey

Quinno and Luke. Love you legends. Inspiration plus perspiration.


Matt & Lyndsey Carr

Good luck guys!!


Katrina Stephens

You are very inspiring- enjoying watching your journey. Look forward to donating more when you have ‘made it!


Barbara Darragh

I am very proud of your commitment and wish you both a happy result.xx



Your story in the 'The Beast' was fantastic! Great cause.


Sophie Smith

Quinn and Luke you are amazing. Thank you for supporting our charity and helping give premature babies the best start to life. Here's a small donation, in memory of my own triplets, to kick start your mammoth fundraising effort! Good luck! Love, Sophie xxx


Aaron Buchan

Two most inspirational people in my life. Love you guys! Love the passion, love the journey. Good luck and safe swimming. Can’t wait for a beer and story time after you complete this epic adventure..


Ann Armstrong

Best of luck and brilliant goal!


Christine Roberts

Great initiative guys. Keep us updated.


Nicole Winterburn

You truly are compassionate and inspirational humans. Go forth and swim! xxx


Lillian Wright

You are legends! Such an awesome cause!


Cath And Gerard

Bloody brilliant! The best of luck to both of you and we look forward to sharing the journey x


Jim Uglow

You are both inspirational and we wish you every success. Happy to be donating to your wonderful endeavour. J and R


Murph Renford

Nothing Great is Easy


Kylie Duggan

Great work Luke. A cause very close to our heads.


Dylan Warner

Unbelievable story mate. All the best for the swim.




Amy Geraghty

Only wish I could afford to donate more.


Angela Mcausland

You two guys are such legends . So proud of you xx


Kate Sullivan