Amber McWilliam


Help us give premature babies a better chance of survival

We are so lucky to have everything we have ever wished for in life, a happy healthy family. In lieu of gifts or a wishing well we ask that if you were planning to gift us anything please gift someone else the chance of survival and the chance to be as lucky as we have been.

Without the funds raised by Running for Premature Babies, our little Nixy may not be here with us, big or small every single cent goes to the NICU at Royal Womens Hospital in Randwick 





The $1,278.80 raised so far is from Nixy's first birthday 



Thank you to my Sponsors


Amber, Stu, Hendix & Nix

For everything.. Love forever Amber, Stuart, Hendrix & Nix


Nixy’s First Birthday

Donated from nixys’s first birthday


Franceska & Tom Rowsell



Amber Mcgraw


Judith And Paul Innes

Hi Nix. We have shared such an amazing year with you you are a wonderful little boy we love you happy birthday great grandma and great poppy xoxo


Natalie Burns

Happy birthday Nix. Best wishes for the year ahead.


Aunty Jac And Geoff Hughes

Happy birthday, beautiful boy. We love you even more than we love fine wine, good food and craft beer, and that’s a lot! Xxx



Happy Birthday!


Sophie Smith

Happy Birthday beautiful Nix. I'm so sorry I missed your party. You are one precious little boy with one absolutely amazing family! Thank you for donating your birthday presents to help others be as lucky as you have been. Lots of love Sophie xxxxxxxxx


Brad & Jods

Happy 1st Birthday


Sarah Kibby


June Greygrandma


Ashleigh Smoley

Happy 1st Birthday Nixxy. Your 1st year of has been a blessing. We hope you enjoy yoyr day little man. Love Ash starsey Kohey. X