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Oct 29th is the anniversary of when we found out that Avery, one of our identical twins no longer had a heartbeat. It is always a time of mixed emotions as we sadly remember the shock of losing him after 29 weeks, and then rollercoaster ride that followed in hospital while Flynn continued to grow inside until he was born safely on 24th November at 33 weeks, and then the time he spent in the neonatal unit at Royal Hospital for Women until he was 37 weeks til he was able to come safely home with us. 

We know first hand how important equipment and research means to these  intensive care units and we are honoured to be part of the RFPB community and be able to help fundraise along side other families who have had similar experiences. 

11 years on we are so grateful to have a happy and healthy, soon to be 11 year old, Flynn and 9 year old Mary, and we use this day to remember fondly our Avery who is never very far from our thoughts and very much part of our family x 

We are also grateful to the Running for Premature Babies community who have given me so much support and running drive! over the last few years and this November I am taking part in the premmie marathon challenge (aiming to run 42km over the month of November) to help raise funds to give premature babies a better chance of survival x 

This includes $1010 which had already been raised for the 2020 New York marathon 10 year anniversary that never eventuated owing to Covid - and $105  from the 2021 city to bay half marathon that was also cancelled this year - so a huge thank you to all those who have already donated and I hope we can continue to can build on this figure as I tackle 42km over the next month to help raise funds in loving memory of our Avery Gabriel Menzies, 29.10.2010 xx 

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Funds Raised In 2020 For Ny Marathon


Gail Brunger



As always, in awe of your efforts and commitment to support this worthy cause. Well done and goodluck Em!





Carolyn Allen

In loving memory of my beautiful grandson Avery.


R & V Menzies


Bec Theiss


Keryn Moore

You are amazing! X


Ruth Chope

Amazing effort Emilie, good luck! Xox